how to replace seafile default encryption

Actually I am using seafile (GitHub - haiwen/seafile: High performance file syncing and sharing, with also Markdown WYSIWYG editing, Wiki, file label and other knowledge management features.) as the application for sync file locally to my remote server. Actually I am using this as it is open source and I can modify it’s source code.
So what I want is that I want to change the encryption uses by seafile and want to implement my own encryption method.
seafile uses seafile-crypt.h and seafile-crypt.c to implement it’s encryption process so I know that I need to modify them to accomplish my task but when I installed the seafile in my system it is working fine but I am not able to check where it’s source files are store, I have checked all the folders lib include opt etc... etc to look where it’s source files are but unable to find it. Is there anybody who know where the source files of seafile is stored in ubuntu. Please Help.