How to set expiration and password for shared link?

I have just set up the seafile server 6.0.8 (community edition) on a rasperry pi.

The client is 6.0.4 for Mac OS.

When I generate a sharing link for a file or folder I get a little popup window what contains just the download link and the option for direct download. Nothing more.

How can I set an expiration date and/or a password for the link. Is this just possible with the pro server?

Delete the existed link, and re-generate it again, you will be able to set an expiration/password for the new link.

Unfortunately not. Here are some screenshots where you can see the options I have:

Sorry I did not make it clear, when I said “re-generate it again”, I meant re-generate the link on the web page.

That means, the client software doesn’t support expiration and passord protection? What a pitty…

Thank you for your answer.

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Hello, it is a pro feature or a missing feature for the MAC/Windows Client ?

The real advantage of seafile is this shared link with password/expiration

You can use this feature on both PRO and CE version of Seafile (only through web page).

Do you plan to add this feature to the desktop client ?


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Just stumbled upon the very same restriction.

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