How to set up Seafile server as Master and Slave?


we’re using seafile server on windows server 2012 (VM in Hyper V) and now we want to move to ubuntu seafile server (VMware). We have the issue now is the data from “seafile-data” folder too big (about 3 TB). We don’t want just transfer through the our network.

Our Idea is trying to set up the seafile windows server as Master and the ubuntu seafile server as Slave. We already found the introduction about “Seafile Real-Time Backup Server”. But we still don’t know how it exactly work.

I mean if we do it. Could we shut down the seafile windows server and set up only seafile ubuntu server to run as primary?

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The real-time Backup feature is only available for PRO versions, since PRO is not available for windows this won’t work.

You would need two linux servers. Did you take a look at: ?

Are these two servers not on the same LAN?

If the connection is at least 1 gigabit/sec between the two it won’t take THAT long… (about 7 hours).

Just mount the Windows drive via samba in ubuntu and do rsync on the seafile data folder while seafile is running.
When done, shutdown seafile server, dump dbs, run rsync again, import dbs, configure seafile, run fsck to check integrity and start seafile. Easy job, minimal downtime.