How to share single file with Seafile user?

I am very happy with Seafile, but one thing that I wonder about is how to share a single file with a registered user’s library. It seems it is only possible to share a folder? I hope there are ways to share single files as well? When clicking the share menue of a file, all I can see is the possibility to create a download link. Thanks!

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Not possible, it seems?

No, you can’t share a file to a user.

So bad - and so weird. I thought this is a standard feature…

Does anybody know a workaround? I hate to create a folder for every file I’d like to share

What would be the problem with sharing unlimited links?

I consider using Seafile in a teaching setting. I would give my students an account and then share a document, a video or audio once at a time, before and after each lesson.

So maybe add a group with all your students, upload all materials into a folder and share the folder with the group?

Thanks for your suggestion. My students are in different levels, have different interests, so this is no suitable solution for my specific case, unfortunately

You could create one folder per student and just copy the content over to the students folder.