How to sync the same directory from two devices (Win10) into the same library?


I’m quite new to seafile and successfully installed the server on my raspberry pi running Raspbian Stretch.
Now I want to configure a maybe special kind of sync.
I have two computers running under Windows 10. On both PCs my username is the same, let’s call it “MyUser”. I would like to sync both PCs desktop into the same library on the seafile server. The physical client-path of the library would be the same, e. g. “C:\Users\MyUser\Desktop”.
The goal is that the desktop is beeing synced automatically to both PCs.
Is there any possibility to achieve this?


Just sync it over client, this is nothing special this is for what seafile was created (sync one folder between multiple computers). BUT sync whole folder user is bad idea. Windows have in user folder special folder like AppData there are stored some files, configuration and other for applications. Sync and rewrite these files can result into unexpected applications behavioral like, freezing, drop etc. Yes you can use seafile ignore file, but I think it’s better to take some time, select folder which you want to have synced and create library for every single folder like Pictures, Documents, Moviec, etc. It’s easy to monitor and search in library history(and if needed restore some files from trash or history) instead of do this in one big library.

For explain: You can use both PC in same time and change app configuration on PC1, but you have opened same application on PC2. What application will do when seafile sync changes while running, will application drop on PC2? Or will just change settings? That’s something you cannot know cause every app works different.

Hey, thanks for your reply.
I think you missunderstood my question. I do not want to sync the whole user directory, but some subdirs of it, e. g. the desktop.
As a workaround I tested a bit with symbolic links and this actually works really well.
First I created a library on the server (webinterface) and second synced it to the clients, pointing the library to the desktop of each of the both clients.
The seafile-clients told me that the directory is actually in use and asked to use it anyway.

Now the behaviour is as planned.
I e. g. create a file on my desktop computer on the desktop of my user profile, it is beeing synced to the seafile-server and my notebook downloads it to it’s desktop. The other way round works as well.

The key is the mklink-command in windows command line tool.