How to transfer terabytes of data to Seafile database

Maybe this is documented somewhere, but I need a way to transfer a couple terabytes of data from my Windows Server to the Seafile Library on the same server. Im running Windows, and the only documentation I can find is in relation to Linux.

If there is a way to import my native windows folders to Seafile, that would be great. Or just a way to transfer large amounts of data into the Seafile library works too. Using Seafile Drive times out for me.


You may upload files from Windows shares to Seafile server /tmp folder using FTP or RSYNC and then use the import features to build libraries directly in Seafile :

But i never tried that with terabites.



Thanks I’ll try that. Where do I enter the commands? Is there a seafile specific command prompt I need to open or do I just CD to the seafile directory. And if so, which seafile directory?

Just follow this link, it will show you all the commands
But you need to have the pro version…
If not, use the client with blocks (500GB is a good limit).
Look also at the seafile configs for max upload size and related limits.