How to uninstall Seafile Server


The is a manual explaining how to uninstall Seafile Server at Linux ?

Thank you

There is currently no manual for this.

You just need to uninstall the installed packages with this command: apt-get remove python2.7 libpython2.7 python-setuptools python-imaging ... and have to delete the seafile directory on the server. That should be enough.


apt-mark auto


aptitude markauto

is a little less dangerous, in case he still wants to work with his system and has other software depdening on those packages.

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Uninstalling seafile should be quite easy:

  • Stop all seafile processes
  • Just delete your seafile folder (if you separated the location of the seafile user data folder, don’t forget it to delete it, too)
  • Delete the databases and db-users in your used DB-application (if you was using sqlite, your databases were located and deleted, with your seafile folder/files)
  • Delete init scripts, if you used them
  • Cleanup your webserver’s vhost for your domain
  • Disable unused webserver modules/settings
  • Restart webserver
  • Close unused ports in firewall (if seafile run without a system’s webserver or used seafile’s e-mail)
  • Delete your unix seafile user on your system
  • Remove unused dependencies (careful, because maybe some are used by something other in the meantime, too)

If I forgot something, let me know!



If your seafile-server was using sqlite as database, there is no need to do that, because the seafile-sqlite-database is located inside the seafile-folder which was deleted in the previous step :wink:

@Bernie_O Thanks for the hint!
I’ll add that!

that too “quite easy”