How to upgrade from 6.3.5?


I’m on 6.3.5 for years now, it seems there have been no updates to seafileltd image on DockerHub (I can’t link because my account is new…)

I used this image a long time ago in Kubernetes, it’s been standing a long time and has about a terrabyte of data in it.

How can I migrate from this version to a newer version?

Hello, you can refer to our official documents.

Hi @feiniks I can only find upgrade notes for actual servers in there… but I have been using the Dockerhub one here: /r/seafileltd/seafile/ (still can’t post links…) with my kuernetes deployment which is on 6.3.5 still… has this been abandoned?

It seems you guys have switched to a new repository called seafile-mc which I’ll try to migrate over to…