How-to upload files from phone

I have an app on my phone that produces a log file once or twice each day. How can I set up seafile to upload a copy of these files to my seafile server?

This sounds like such a simple task, but I can not find any easy way to do it! I have several libraries set up, and can edit or modify files in those libraries using the android client. Or I can use the client to create a new file in an existing library. But I can find no way to move or copy a file from somewhere in the android file system into a seafile library. Is this really impossible? Or more likely: what am I missing?

There is an option to upload any file to your seafile server within the seafile app. If you want to upload your log filles automatically, you might want to use an app like FolderSync. You’ll have to setup seafiles webdav acces, though.