"HTTPError: failed to open file online" with Seafile 6.1.2


I found that my personal Seafile 6.1.2 server was no longer being sync’ed to because my client had been upgraded to the 7.0 series and it seems this can’t talk to my 6.1.2 server.

I’m going to upgrade my server but this involves switching from PostgreSQL to MySQL. I have carried out this migration, but when I try and access a file in the web interface I now get told “HTTPError: failed to open file online”. I can’t find anything in any of the log files to indicate what is going wrong. I have switched back to the PostgreSQL databases and I’m still getting the error.

I have run seaf-fsck and it hasn’t reported any errors.

I don’t want to upgrade to a newer server version until I have this issue resolved - unless this is an issue with the version I’m running, that is!


I found the issue.

I modified seahub/seahub/views/file.py to return the error message and URL trying to be fetched. This allowed me to determine that a 503 response from being sent by my Squid HTTP proxy - understandable as it didn’t know how what to do with http :// (space inserted to allow posting).

Looks like the init scripts were inheriting my environment which sets http_proxy. I’ve modified my seahub init script to unset http_proxy and now I can fetch files again via the web interface.


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