HTTPS without Web Server

Ok so I have Seafile all setup and going to a WS 2012R2 with MySQL and all is good, but I really really want to enable https.

I have no IIS or any other webserver installed and ideally I would like to keep it that way.

I have a cname to my dns domain settings pointing to a no-ip account pointing to my router which then forwards the appropriate ports to the appropriate internal ip NIC. Until now I managed to make things work by separating the services (plex, sickrage, seafile, deluge, anywhere access etc) I run on the server by writing the port on the address bar. Problem is that with seafile all the guides to setup https requires a web server installed.

Thing is I would like to know if the following can be done.

Is it possible to create a certificate request for from the MMC snap in, get my certificate from the provider and then somehow install it for use with Seafile at my setup? Main question being the setting Seafile up with that certificate and disabling http.

Any help much appreciated!

I know this is an old thread, but there may be others with this question.

Seafile has its own native web server built in. In order to use HTTPS, you will be required to install a web server backend as a reverse proxy. The guidelines and rules for security certificates are quite strict, and I would assume that you would not be able to obtain one for Seafile itself since it is not technically a web server, but rather an application. I would doubt that a CA would issue a certificate for anything but well-known web servers, such as IIS, NGinx, Apache, Tomcat, etc.

IIS is easy enough to install on pretty much and modern Windows version. However, IIS is slow. The better option would be to install NGinx for Windows or some other web server for Windows. Or, better yet, find an old machine laying around the house and install Linux on it and then NGinx,Apache,etc.