I have lost all of my files on seafile

Hi Tom,

Thank you so much for your response.

From what I can gather with it all, it’s just the database that’s been overwritten so it doesn’t contain the links - as the space used on my server is still around 2TB.

Which - from my understanding - means the Seafile-data folder still has the information in the blocks (a few new folders have been created which is why I presume this).

I have turned the server back on, stopped Seafile and seahub and I am now doing a back up of the Seafile data folder (found a guide that was reference v7.0…)

For reference, they aren’t showing in the web or the drive app, which is why I presume that it’s a database thing (as the ./setup-seafile-MySQL.sh file was run but was meant to connect to the existing DB)

No errors are appearing, just the files aren’t showing and I did have to re-create the admin account.

I will let you know an update of the seaf-fuse script mentioned after the backup is completed (doing that as a 100% security measure).

Thank you again for you help!

Kind regards,