I have some problems to solve

I have problems with big files. The other involves Adobe Indesign files (100Mb-1500Mb) and big Word files (50-200Mb). When I try to open these file types, Word often gives an error about corrupted file and Indesign crashes every time. Only way to open these files is to download these files first to cache and open them only after file is in the cache. But this is not practical as users want to just click and open these files.

Problem seems to be about cache. I can see that problematic docx files are not in their full size in the cache. If the file is 125Mb in size, I see the same file to be only 15Mb in the cache. So it seems that the file does not load to cache completely before assosiated software tries to open the file.

This behaviour is with PC and Mac clients (version 0.9.5). Is this a known limitation and is there a solution to get the files open without downloading them to the cache first?

This is a known limitation. Currently the walk around is to download it first or using the syncing client.

Please also upgrade to the latest 1.0.7 version. The 0.9.5 version has some bugs.