Import data from a Seafile Server 5.0.5 to Seafile Docker


I have a CentOS 6 box that is stuck with Seafile Server 5.0.5 because of a Python dependency issue link.

I’m upgrading to CentOS 7. But I don’t want to be stuck again next time when CentOS 7 support will be dropped (EOL is in 2024), so I’m planning to use Docker. I already got the official image running link. Now I’m wondering what was the best way to upgrade and import the data.

I was thinking of

  • Changing the seafile-data path to my /home/seafile/seafile-data backup instead of the default /var/seafile/shared/seafile/seafile-data
  • Moving my 3 seafile MySQL databases to /var/seafile/shared/db
  • Go to the upgrade directory and run the different upgrade scripts from 5.0.5 to 6.2

I’m not sure about the second step. Maybe it’s better to run an interactive bash from the container, log to mysql server and import the three dumps manually. I suppose these databases will end up being stored outside of the container in /var/seafile/shared/db. But i can’t see where is the root password of the database or if there is a dockerfile somewhere…