Importing group members from csv (pro 7)


I recently upgraded our seafile server from pro 6.3 to pro 7.
One of our users just asked me, why he can’t import group members from a csv file anymore. Looking at the changelog, this feature has been introduced in version 5.0.1.

5.0.1 (2015.12.07)

New features
* Add importing group members from CSV file

Now it has been silently removed with version 7, as it seems. The same happend to the group discussion feature. I think, it’s not very user friendly to drop features without telling about.



This is quite annoying, as you said.
@daniel.pan, any chance it will be added back ?


I think this feature is not used by users in version 6.3. When we rewrote the UI with new React technology, we found that importing via CSV did not work in version 6.3 (there was a bug), but no body reported the issue at all. So we did not add the feature back in version 7.0.

Hello, Think about putting this feature back in place.
Several large schools with SYMPA lists would need it ?

We have a plan to add the feature back.