In Seahub’s file preview: Upload new version of the file

When I click a file in Seahub, I get to the file preview. For all formats, I can download the file here. For many formats, I get an actual preview of the file. For Markdown and plaintext files, I can even edit them here. With an online office suite installed, this extends to office formats.

For all non-browser-editable formats (e.g. images, mind maps, …), it would be great if I could download them, edit them locally while leaving the Seahub browser tab open, and upload a new version in the same Seahub browser tab I left open.

This would improve the experience with many types of files, I think. Of course a long-term goal would be to integrate with more types of browser-based tools, such as, Etherpad, Jupyter – but this is not the scope of my feature request.

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