In the mobile app, I want to automatically create a "share link" with "/?dl=1"

Hi there,

I’ve noticed that when I share files with the “Direct Download” option selected, the experience is really nice in the iphone/ios messages app, for example: (I cant include more than 1 image, but this picture shows the “Direct Download” check box on the “Client for Mac” app)

This is what people will see when I send links with /?dl=1 appended to share urls (of course assuming permission allows downloading – what actually happens when producing a share link in the iOS app)

Also it makes previewing the file, like media or pdf, very easy in the Safari browser. Because when viewing media in the Seafile preview page, the scrolling experience is not good.

So my feature request is to have the mobile app automatically allow downloads and append the /?dl=1 url parameter to links when emailing or coping to the clipboard.

Thank you for creating such a great product!