Indicator for libraries on hold

i often pause the syncing of individual libraries while working on files. it is of course important not to forget to turn syncing on again after i’m done with editing.

as soon as you’re using multiple accounts/servers with many libraries, it’s easy to overlook a paused one. therefore, what i would like to see in the tray icon is some indicator that at least one library is currently paused syncing (currently it only shows when syncing is disabled completely for all shares).

secondly, i’d like to have another virtual level of library views (in addition to “last changed”, “my libraries” etc.) in the overview of the client, where all libraries are categorized by status (subfolders like it is done for libraries by groups) . that would make it easy to see all libraries that are currently paused and change the status right away, instead of scrolling through all of them looking for the pause icon. there is already one view by status, showing all synced libraries. so i’d propose to move that one from the current top level to a subfolder of a general libraries-by-status folder in the client. this would also make it easier to spot libraries with syncing issues, see all that you only have read access to or those that you haven’t synced yet.