Info license Affero General Public License v3.0

This web site: ( ) offers a free online storage service to the public and uses Seafile community version. I created an account to try the service it offers, and I saw that there were changes on the interface Seafile, especially the addition of a “Contacts” and “Messages” function, so the source code has been modified.
According to the Affero GPLv3 license, the code source should be made public since it has been modified?
I’m right or I’m wrong?
Maybe the website uses an older version of Seafile Community ???
If you have explanations I am taker.

If you want to see by yourself …
Login :
password: @Test@123

(The website is very slow)

Seafile server / Seahub web frontend are not licensed under AGPL so they can make these changes without violating the terms of license. :wink:

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Thanks for the info

In addition I think it’s just an older version. Could be around 5.0.

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