Initializing converse.js on seafile sign in page


I recently set up a server with seafile – all went file. But the server also has an ejabberd installation which also works.

There is a java script called converse.js which allows access to a jabber account via browser. I also set this up on a seperate page, called while leads directly to the seafile login page.

Is it possible to include this java script somehow on the seafile login page? I’m using the non pro version.

Usually the converse.js can be called inside a html file like this:

    bosh_service_url: '',
    debug: true,
    keepalive: true,
    message_carbons: true,
    play_sounds: true,
    roster_groups: true,
    show_controlbox_by_default: true,
    xhr_user_search: true

Thanks in advance