Install Seafile-cli client on Raspberry Pi


Yep, the other guy about you, DanSman is me. So, not many people have the problem or not many people need to compile the client. :wink:



any news here?

I run in a new problem. Actually i installed my whole pi again. And i get some problems with ccnet.

seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client
ccnet-init: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Failed to init ccnet

So when i start the client i get this problem

seaf-cli start
/home/pi/.ccnet not exists
Invalid config directory

Sure i can’t finish the install properly.

I need a little bit help.


So i tried to compile it again. build_seafile

It went through but i get this problem.

 seaf-cli start
/root/.ccnet not exists
Invalid config directory

I don’t know!

Forget to do this …

choose a folder where to store the seafile client settings e.g ~/seafile-client

mkdir ~/seafile-client # create the settings folder
seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client # initialise seafile client with this folder
seaf-cli start
So it’s working now. How can i get this as a deb package :smiley:


You can use Checkinstall for that:


Yeah, thanks.

I did this before, too. Just forgotten that i did it before, too :smiley: It’s sometimes just too much ;D
But thanks.

It went through. I got the packages. Compiled it on a pi 3 and installed it on a pi 2. I got a few hiccups on a pi 2. Sometimes it took about 1 min to get the pi 2 alive and the client stopped then. I couldn’t figured out why this happened.


Two thumbs up for doing this. These packages saved me hours of work. I installed them on raspbian jessie on a pi3. Works great! I wonder why the devs don’t provide these, not enough time in a day to get to everything I guess.

Thank you very much.


You are welcome. I would love to provide newer packages but got problems to compile every version above 6.0.0. :frowning:


I am using a fresh Raspbian9 on my RaspiB+ and followed your guide on Github and it installes it completely, but when i try to start seafile with seaf-cli init -d ~/seafile-client i get this Error:

ccnet-init: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Failed to init ccnet

i tried to manually install libssl but its not in the upstream anymore.


That’s always the problem with new versions. Now I#m using WebDAV, then it’s much easier than compiling everytime new.


Yes and when my bike is broken i use the car instead. Thats a good solution to my bike-problem.


Hi @Ralosso,

unfortunately I’m not using ARM systems anymore for Seafile so I can’t reproduce your problem. Sorry…


ok seems the Bike is more than broken :wink:

Maybe bionade24 could explain how seafile works with webdav on a raspi or give a tutorial?


This Link today, Questions tomorrow:

Edit: If you are using nginx, you don’t have to enable fastcgi, you can make it like in the apache sample. Fastcgi only takes power of the server, it won’t help you.


Hi, guys
I have compiled seafile-client gui and seafile-cli for two versions of the Raspbian system Jessie and stretch, you can download at

# For stretch version, the jessie same too.
sudo dpkg -i libsearpc-3.0.0-1_armhf_rpi_stretch.deb
sudo dpkg -i ccnet_6.1.1-1_armhf_rpi_stretch.deb
sudo dpkg -i seafile_6.1.1-1_armhf_rpi_stretch.deb # seafile-cli, the command seafile client
sudo dpkg -i seafile-client_6.1.1-1_armhf_rpi_stretch.deb # seafile-client gui

For compile install way, you can visit stackexchange.

enjoy it~


Thank you. I tried it but I haven’t enough time to search why an error happens