Install Seafile server on computer in university network

Dear community,

I’d like to install the seafile server on a computer in my university and access it from outside, e.g. from home. Unfortunately I do not have any influence over the network structure: The router, NAT settings, externat IP, …

Is there a way to use Seafile notheless? Or is it impossible to access it from the WAN without NAT forewarding of the Seafile port 8000?

Can I find a step by step explainationg for dummys somewhere?

Thanks a lot for your time and effort.

Regardless of the technical aspects, I assume you shouldn’t run a server in a university network without contacting your network admins. I don’t think that you are allowed to run seafile (or any other server) without their knowledge!? If they agree, they could tell you the network settings you have to know, do port forwarding etc.

I agree with Jochen and don’t think you could setup the seafile server in a university computer and access it from outside like a normal website. This is not the problem related to the seafile, but generally setting up most server because of the firewall of the university (enterprise) network.

Despite of this, I think you could use the seafile in a local LAN. For example, since the computers in the same department will probably be under the same firewall, it won’t block the communication between them. Another trick will be if your university provides the VPN connection, you could establish your VPN network first and then connect to your seafile server from outside the university network.

Thank’s guys! I am going to follow both of your ideas.

I will discuss with the IT-people at my university:

  1. If they could forward the external port 8000 to my local ip using NAT.
  2. If I am allowed to install seafile in the chairs LAN and use it via VPN from outside.

Good ideas, thank you!