Installation - failed to init seahub database

Hello everyone,
gotta say beforehand im quite new to clouds. Currently using Debian 8 with nginx and mysql.
While trying to install seafile i had a few issues so i tried to undo every change the installation process made to the server and then go for a new installation. (removed extracted files, databases and so on. basically everything i could find associated with seafile/seahub/ccnet).

When trying to run the, the script stops while trying to create the seahub database tables. Error message: “Error: Failed to init seahub database: Table ‘admin_log_adminlog’ already exists”.

Since i figured the said table would be found in one of the existing mysql-databases i went through all those and listed the existing tables, though without finding this ‘admin_log_adminlog’.

So my question now is: Anyone knows where to find this table or how to fix this issue in general?

Thanks in advance.

Delete all databases and restart the setup, but it’s much easier to use the seafile docker container.

i already deleted all 3 databases seafile creates & restarted the setup, even tried creating the databases manually beforehand but neither worked.
I’ll look into the seafile docker container though, thanks for the tip.

I even couldn’t find the table in one of my seafile databases (ccnet-db, seafile-db, seahub-db;)

well then atleast im not blind. Only thing i could imagine would be that the table is in one of the “basic” databases that are on the server but even in those theres no trace of this table.

seems i fixed it by using different db names than before (I probably should have tried this earlier)
Though i still wonder how the table could exist in a freshly created empty table.

anyways, thanks for taking your time to help.

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