Installation script seafile_centos not working


I have tried to install Seafile on Centos using the installation script provided on GitHub(seafile_centos)
Unfortunately this does not lead to a working Seafile server.
I do not get any errors during install.

If I do “netstat -plntu” after the installation I don’t see anything running on port 8000, 8082
Only port 80 is listening but gives me a “502 Bad Gateway - nginx”

Starting either seafile or seahub says:
Job for seafile.service failed because the control process exited with error code.

Is this a known issue and should I do something different?
Is seafile_centos setup under construction?

Because there are no good install instruction available online as they all have been outdated it would be nice to have a way to install seafile.

Thanks in advance

Gr. Provell