Installed on server, cannot login

Hey everyone

I would love to try Seafile but I followed the install on a windows server and met with failure. I think it is probably something simple, steps taken

  1. I downloaded the installer, and placed it in C:/seafile
  2. I installed the proper version of Python and added a path variable
  3. I ran the batch file and assigned a drive and then an admin user
  4. I edited both the config files to change the port so its now http://myserverpublicIP:8888 (we have a shoutcast server on port 8000
  5. Restarted Seafile
  6. attempted to load the seabase and the page will not load, all logs show that the server is connected, although I do not know how all this would function since I never assigned it an SQL db. I followed the instructions to the letter from this page

Did I miss something???


Windows 2008 standard