Installing newer Version not possible without deinstalling old version

Hello, I have a problem with upgrading to a newer version 7.0.1 => 7.0.3

I recendly cleaned out my AppData folder due to storage limitations. I seems like I deleted the seafile-folder as well.

Now I cant deinstall the old seafile version, because seafile-7.0.1-en.msi is missing.

I can’t find any download-links for old versions on your homepage, to fix this problem myself. Could you provide me with the 7.0.1 installer to reinstall 7.0.1 cleanly to finally deinstall it, and make a upgrade possible ?

I can’t just deinstall seafile via windows apps, same error.

screenshot of error on imgur:

Hi PC-Ente,

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Please try this download link: . This should do the trick.

yep, thank you. copied it to AppData and i could update.