Institutions set quotation not working

Hi all,
i am testing multi-institutions in pro version.
I notice i login as super admin and set the institution to 10m…however you can see two users in this institution used more than 10M space…
doest this quotation make sense to set here? Or you have o set each user individually?

if i set individual user quotation… it works fine and not able to upload if exceed the size…just the error message in UI not user friendly…

===== just My guessing as no many documentation for refrence ===
here is my test steps,
i create institution admin user3
and add user4 to this institution as a normal user,
if i user super admin to set the quotation to this whole institution totally not working
but if i user user3- institution admin to set each user quotation then it is working
no idea what is logic…and one can share some useful links or information here?