Internal server error and page unavailable

Hi all,

since the last versions I cannot check my pusblished links, cannot remove some connected devices and cannot view snapshots of files. When trying to do that I get an “Internal server error” (devices) or “Page unavailable” (Links and Snapshots).

Currently I’m running release 6.3.4 on a Raspberry and this issue persists since some releases already.
Strange enough I can remove some devices but some not. And checking the links or viewing and restoring a snapshot doesn’t work at all.

I already checked the seafile.log, sehaub.log and ccnet.log but couldn’t find anything which might be helpful to resolve this issue. And as for the links, the icon points to /sys/publinkadmin. And when clicking on “Versions” I see the available snapshots, but when clicking on one I get a large URL and the “Page not available” message:


It looks like the link creates a non working URL in any kind?!

Does anybody have an idea how to solve that?