Internal server error in SAML authentication configuration

Hello together

In a multi-tenancy environment, with the latest Seafile Pro version 10.0.8, I get an Internal Server Error in Organization Management for SAML authentication when I try to enter the Federation URL.

The URL for the login as well as the upload of the IdP certificate works fine, but as soon as I enter the address for the “App Federation Metadata URL”, I get an Internal Server Error.

Seafile is running in a Docker environment for me. The data is stored on the local server via bind mounts. In the previous version 10.0.6 everything still worked.

Can you give me a hint where I can find out more and where the problem could be? Unfortunately I didn’t find anything in the log files and I don’t have a concrete hint in which log I found this. But Grep didn’t show anything with “internal server error”.

Thanks and greetings

If you are a paid customer with more than 9 users license, please send a support email to

you got mail :slight_smile: