Internal Server Error on fresh install :( PLEASE HELP!

Hi all

I just installed the “Seafile Server 6.1.1 for Raspberry Pi” on Rpi 3 and after following the THIS tut, . when I go to I get INTERNAL SERVER ERROR. Please help. Also, I have no idea where the log file is. I am googling for it, mean time posting here for help.


the logfile is under installfolder/logs

ok below is what I have under seafile.log

[07/01/17 18:44:34] …/common/mq-mgr.c(54): [mq client] mq cilent is started

and seahub_django_request.log is empty??

Any help

What does seahub.log say?

have you installed NGINX on your rasp?

you need to have a webserver installed.

seahub.log is also empty and not I have not installed NGINX

But this TUT *** **** no where says NGINX is to be installed???

Ok, then you need to install a webserver, I’m recommending NGINX.
and after that enabled https:

No, but still you need a webbserver to run Seafile as you need to run anything else against the webb.

OK since there was no where mentioned that a webserver needs to be installed seperately in the tut, I assumed the script that installs seafile also installs the webserver ??? isnt that the case ???

No, that script don’t install a webbserver - I recommend you to install NGINX it takes around 20min to setup so it should not bee any issue for you.

OK Managed to solve … I knew NGINX is NOT needed as seahub is the webserver and interface for seafile.
I missed to run the below command, as this command was mentioned at the download page and not updated under the TUT that I followed…

sudo apt-get install python-requests

once i ran the above command. The web interface was up and running … CHEERS.

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Hi Sam,

I have same case and i follow your step to install python-requests then its ok now.
Thank you Sam.

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