iOS App loosing accounts

Anyone else running iOS 10 having an issue of the client app loosing your accounts upon restart of the device or fully closing it via the app switcher?

iPhone 7 Plus
Running iOS 10.0.2 from factory.

I got no problems - I use the “Pro” version, iPhone 6S, iOS v10.1

You can see my email address but oh well. This forum won’t let video files be uploaded, so here is a share link.
This happens on both my phone and my wife’s, we both have iPhone 7 Plus running factory installed 10.0.2.
This behavior does happen on my old 6S Plus and my wife’s old 6 Plus. I can take videos of them as well if needed.
@daniel.pan - Not sure if you have the resources to test this yet.

Hi, Robbie.

I have the same problem.
My server version: 6.0.4 (64-bit).
Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04 (64-bit).
Cliente on Windows 10 (64-bit) works great, however client (version: 2.4.9) in iOS (version: 10.0.2) doesn’t work.

I have no problems with my 7, IOS 10.0.2. But i have enabled touch id.

Enabling Touch ID does not solve the problem for me nor my wife.

Thanks for the input. I never thought about enabling Touch ID…

Did the 2.5.0 update fix this issue for anyone? I’m still having the same issue.

Upgraded server to last version: 6.0.5
Upgraded iOS app to last version: 2.5.0

I’m still having the same issue as Robbie.
Robbie do you use self-signed SSL certificate?
Are we really the only two in community, that has stepped on this bug?

No I use a cert from
I’m using Pro Server 6.0.2
I’m really don’t know, seems like it because no one is posting in. I also haven’t heard anything from the devs so I’d imagine if it was widespread they would have said something by now.
Sure is annoying to have to enter my info every time though, this happened a while back and with the next iOS update it was fixed. I have it posted in the old .de forum.

No problems at my site: Seafile CE 6.0.5 with StartSSL-certificate, iOS-App 2.5.0, iOS-Version 10.0.2

Did the iOS 10.1 upgrade solve this issue for anyone? It hasn’t solved it for me. I have even erased mine and my wife’s entire device and started from scratch, no backu restore, and our accounts still don’t stay they must be reentered every time.

Maybe a server problem? Can you try other IOS devices, too? What about Android?

It happens regardless of the server I connect to. If I connect to my (which is run/hosted by Seafile) account it does it, if I connect to my personal server at home it does it.

List of devices:
iOS 10.1
(2x) iPhone 7 Plus - Using different accounts, my account and my wifes account.

iOS 9.3.5
1 iPad Mini
1 iPod touch 5th Gen

No Android devices.

Ok, thanks for the answer. Was just an idea…

I don’t know what to do in this case.

Hi all,

I encounter the same problem on both of my iOS devices: an iPad which runs on iOS 9.3.4 and an iPhone on 9.3.2 - I have deliberately held off on upgrading.

The seafile app does not remember any new account for a restart - no matter if I log off regularly or I shut the app down by means of the app switcher.

I run seafile 2.5.0 on iPad and iPhone.

Is it a problem with the seafile app since the problem occurs with iOS 9.x and 10.x?


@poetwang Would you be able to shed some light on this?

Could you please try to use app a while before kill it? You can try to open the Settings tab untill the account information refreshed, then kill the app, restart again, see whether it will still happen in this case.

I left the app open for 5 min and it still looses the settings on killing it. You need it to be left open longer?

No, just try open the settings tab, and then enable the Local decryption, disable. Then you can kill it.

I opened the app, added my account, went to the settings tab, toggled the “Local decryption” to “On” waited about a min. I then toggled the “Local decryption” option to “Off”, I then killed the app.
Upon opening the app the account was lost and had to be added back.

Is that the proper protocol you wanted me to follow?

I have even tried uploaded files, changed folders, and deleted stuff, while inside the app.