iOS app unable to open PDF file larger than 10.4 MB in encrypted libraries

I’m running Seafile Professional Server 9.0.3 on Ubuntu, with the latest version of the iOS app. When I try to open a PDF in an encrypted library that is larger than approximately 10.4 MB on the iOS app, I get a “Failed to download file” error. The same file opens in the iOS app if it’s in an unencrypted library, and it opens in the encrypted library using a web browser (desktop or mobile). I have been unable to find any error logs related to this issue. I tested this issue using PDFs that are 10.4MB, 10.5MB, 10.7MB, 10.9MB, 11.1MB, 11.3MB, and 11.5MB in size (see the attached screenshot), and only the 10.4MB PDF opens.

Time to push this issue. Same here. Using most recent Server-Version (10.0.1) and iOS App (2.9.23). Files larger than about 10MBytes won’t download correctly on iOS from encrypted libraries.