iOS app with iCloud Photo Library

Hi all,
iOS has the option for icloud photo library. Do the photos that are stored in the cloud get downloaded before being uploaded to seafile? For a photo backup solution, this is something that would be nice to be implemented especially for new users that want all of their photos on seafile. I know that Plex does this when uploading your iphone photo libraryr to the plex server. Is this something seafile does/can do?

Hello there,I have the same questions. How does this work? Most of my 5000+ photos are on icloud and of course can be downloaded but probably won’t. So how does this work?

I also have an additional question: Can I speed up the process and copy the photos from my computer into the camera uploads folder? I mean would the iOS iPhone app check if the photos are already there and avoid duplicates or would it just upload everything regardless of duplicates?


Given there is some export functionality on I cloud you could use it and then synchronize the Camera uploads folder with your PC and drop all the exported images in that folder. The client immediately starts uploading them.

Thank you for your answer, I understand that this is possible and this is in fact what I tried to propose. My question was:
What would the iPhone app do (if the photos on my iPhone are indeed identical to the ones I uploaded with my pc before)? Would it still try to upload all my photos to the camera uploads folder creating duplicates or would it try to look if they are already uploaded?