iOS Files integration doesn’t work

Using latest 7.0.5 docker image and iOS client version 2.9.5 on an iPad.

Opening files works fine, but creating new files fails with a “file not found” error immediately after an attempt is made to create one. Pages, for example says, “Document can’t be downloaded, opening this document requires an internet connection.” It’s as if the create isn’t processed before the open attempt is made. I believe the server log showed a 404.

Modifying a file and saving it also fails to save changes.

Using Send To the Seafile app instead of Files integration works fine. Using other clients works fine.

Is this a known issue?

Anyone else having problems with Files integration, such as when creating and modifying Pages documents?

Do you have the problem for other kinds of files besides Pages?

Pages have a very special format. So support it is hard.

It doesn’t work with any app I’ve tried. For example, I also use mind mapping software like iThoughts, XMind, and MindNode. They all fail with various errors. Any app that relies on the Files browser as a storage rather than share (copy) location fails.

How did you even add your Seafile server in the Files app? The “Connect to Server” option didn’t work for me, it says it can’t connect for some reason.