IOS - open encrypted libary doesn't work


i have got a problem to log into a encrypted folder on my iphone. The app tells my, that my password is not correct, but i’m using the correct pw. This issue doesn`t occur on my android-devices or my windows pc with that encrypted folders. I am using strong passwords and running Seafile on version 6.0.7.

any ideas > is that a bug from the ios seafile app?

Thank you!

Update: i tried it with a lower password strength and it worked… it seems, the the seafile iOS app doesn’t open an encryptet folder, when the password contains some special characters. :frowning:

Hi, can you tell me what special character do you use?

i use an € in my Password for this folder… This is maybe the charcter whitch causes the issue.

Thank you for your help

Thank you… It works now. :grinning:

Hi Daniel,

this issue occours again… the encrypted folder with the “€” in the Password istn’t accessable on my iPhone. I’m using App-Version 2.70

Thank you & regards,