iOS11 and Seafdav issue (webdav)

Hi there, I am using newest seafile server within docker and have iphone iOS11 with seafile client. Now I want connect Pages by new integrated webdav function (new File App in iOS11) with seadav function of Seafile.
But error occurs (NSURLDOMAINERROR - 3000) on iOS when I want to create a file. Furthermore the directory is not listed, webdav seems to be connected nevertheless.

Using seafdav by Browser or third party clients work like a charm.

Is it a bug of iOS or can it be fixed with seafile server?
Please help.


Not sure, but it’s look like self-signed certificate problem.

Hi, I use letsencrypt, so it is not self signed.

Yes, my bad. What I found.

// Download and file I/O errors
    NSURLErrorCannotCreateFile =        -3000,

@daniel.pan ping

I got the same issue - some suggestions?

Daniel, are you aware of the bug?