Ipad, automatic update

Hello, on a server I installed seafile and added files / folders. On 10 ipad I installed the client. I would like ipad to update automatically when any files or folders are updated on the server without the user having an action to do.

Is it possible ?

You can use any sync app based on WebDAV for example

Like he said, there is sadly no App for iOS which uses the SeaFile API like the clients. The official App uses Seahub (the webinterface) so you can’t sync and you have to reload the list manually.

Edit: But what’s the purpose of needing this feature, may we can help you.

hello, for the moment on ipad I have not found an app that offers automatic synchronization.

hello, we create a lot of documents (pdf, office …) and also a lot of media (videos and images) for our sales force which is distributed throughout France. We equipped them with ipad and at first we used the flippingbook app to make them available. But over time we realize that this no longer fits our need and we are forced to store these files on a cloud that we do not manage. And this requires an intermediate conversion step before uploading these files to the cloud.

We are looking for a solution that allows our sales force to access these offline files from their iPad and synchronization must be done automatically.

Yesterday I tested Apple’s workflow app that allows creating task automation scripts. For the moment I have not managed to simulate the update process.

Offline is possible, for sync you need a PC/Mac or Android

I tested nextcloud or owncloud side and it’s the same problem: not possible to run an automatic sync in the server -> client.

Is it an iOS limit?

A bit, but no complete. It would be possible to create a sync App but it won’t be reliable, because the could’nt be a static background process. Butt there are Sync Apps for WebDAV and you can use SeafDAV with them.