Iphone app don't upload duplicate pictures

I have a wish for maybe the next version of the IOS app (I guess it’s the same on Android but I don’t have an android so impossible to test).

Use case
Yesterday, I realized that the upload of the pictures (automatically in background & by opening the application manually) was not working. Tried several stuff but in the end, what worked was to clean the cache, delete the account on the phone, close the app, reopen the app and logged in again.

However, by doing this, the app forgot up to which picture was uploaded to the server so it started to re-upload everything (about 3K of pictures)…
Now ok, it finished a couple of hours later, I had basically all my pictures with a (1) or (2) in the name and I cleaned that up…

Change suggested
Thus, my question is: couldn’t the application detect that a picture is already in the folder instead of re-uploading all the pictures/videos already present? They have the same name & the same size…
This would clearly improve the speed of such painful resync…

Thanks and thank you very much for all your amazing work!

PS: You should think of changing the label saying “Camera Upload ## Photos remain”, either you should put “Items” instead of “photos” or split the count by “Photos” and “Videos”. This would be clearer.

Re-pushing up this.

I did a restore of my phone on 10.2 the other day, and when reopening the Seafile app I was surprised to see that the count of the pictures remaining to be uploaded was reset, thus the app wants to re-upload all my pictures one more time.

The worst thing right now, is that it is stuck, it doesn’t upload anything.

Am I the only one experiencing this behavior on IOS and the one in my message above from October?


Hy all.

When will be this bug fixed? (I ran into this today again…)