iPhone X Support

When can we expect iPhone X support?

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They did release a new iOS update today.
It’s only say that it has updated with iOS 11 support.

So try that out it should work as iOS 11 is the main OS for iPhone X

I updated the app before I made the post.

What is the problem with iPhone X?

Apps not optimized for iPhone X run in a “letter box” format and don’t take full advantage of the screen. Run your app in the simulator built into Xcode using the X.


Solution, get rid of apple devices.


Even better solution…Considering it takes 2-3 times longer to develop for android, If they drop Android devices then they may have time to actually develop a good app instead of the current version.

“Streaming is available in Safari and through the WWDC app” Seems like they share your point of view.

What a garbage, a video that cannot be viewed in chrome.

Considering Android has at least twice the market share iOS has (most sites say 20% iOS, 80% Android - some say 30% 60%) it is worth more time and targets a way bigger user audience.

But apart from that I also think it’s the best to have a Seafile app for both systems.

Idc what is the better platform. But the majority of Apple device users have always trouble using their devices. Whereas most of Android users have no trouble with their devices once they know how to use them.

Plays just fine on Chrome.

No that’s not Chrome. It is actually the apple browser engine (they forbid to implement an own browser engine).

This is how it looks like with Chrome:

I could watch it in Chromium 70 on Arch Linux. Maybe uMatrix disables their blocker.