Is An All-Docker Seafile CE + OnlyOffice Possible?

Is is possible to run Seafile CE Docker with OnlyOffice (also Docker) on the same host? I don’t see it described anywhere.

While you can edit the Seafile config files as needed, how do you make changes to the Nginx configuration in the Seafile container to connect to the OnlyOffice document server container that are essential for the document editors to function?

Thanks very much for your help.

Yes, it is possible to use both services on the same system, but requires good docker and nginx knowledge.
It is best to use your own nginx container as reverse proxy. The nginx container listens on ports 80 and 443 and forwards requests to the local containers.

  1. Seafile container is reachable on port 8800
  2. Onlyoffice container can be reached at port 8801
  3. Nginx Container can be reached on ports 80 and 443.
    The nginx container forwards requests to to port 8800 and requests to to port 8801. This nginx container then also takes over the administration of the SSL certificates.

In the path to Onlyoffice is then

The configuration of the nginx in the Seafile Container does not need to be changed.

Thank you for your suggestion. It makes perfect sense.

Have you seen this done anywhere to date?

@daniel.pan is there any chance that the Docker image for Seafile CE will be updated in the near future to directly support OnlyOffice? -Thank you

We don’t have such a plan. We suggest to deploy the two on two different VMs.