Is community edition behind pro edition?

In another topic, I’m asking about sharing controls. In the documentation, I came across how to force password on sharing:

# force use password when generate a share/upload link (since version 8.0.9)

However, the latest community edition appears to be 8.0.7? The Pro version goes up to 8.0.14.

Are there any plans to update the community edition? Seems rather a long way behind.

Also, considering upgrading to Pro, the instructions say the versions have to match so I’m guessing that I install Pro v8.0.7 and then upgrade to v8.0.14

Edit… ahh the very minor version (7->14) doesn’t matter, just the 8.8 bit so can go straight to v8.0.7 CE to v8.0.14 Pro

Seafile CE is not behind. Seafile PE just has many more features that get changed or require fixes and more new features are added to PE than to CE.

Correct. If your Seafile CE is 8.0.7, you can migrate directly to Seafile PE 8.0.14.

Why? You can switch between different builds of one minor version without a loss of functionality just by calling another

The same does not hold true for different builds of different minor versions. The database structure changes from minor version to minor version.