Is iOS client still maintained?


the last time a issue was fixed is more than a year ago. Some of the open issues on github describe problems which are not irelevant in my opinion, for example:

The newest of these issues is about three months old, the oldest about three years. They all seem to be ignored, there is no reaction, not even a “This is not a bug” or “this has low priority”.

I would like to know if problems in the iOS client ever will be fixed and if maybe new features will be added at some point.

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Commenting to follow this - I’ve also been running into weirdness with the iOS app

On the app store it says the last release was 3 months ago so I suppose someone is working on it but it does look like backlog is slowly filling up.

The iOS client is still maintained.

The issues you listed are corner cases (except for photo uploading) which we don’t like to support to reduce maintenance cost.

For automatically photo uploading, it is relatively hard to resolve which we have tried a few times. We can look into the problem again.

This is a wired issue regarding SSL certification. We don’t have this problem for other sites.

I have the iOS client installed on my phone and it refuses to auto upload all photos from the device. It seems to upload a handful and stops and I can’t convince it to continue.

I agree, the photo upload functionally on iOS seems pretty broken, it will randomly fail and also then try to reupload all my photos for no reason.

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