Is it possible to share links via HTTP in a HTTPS server

I have a self signed certificate for my seafile server and sometimes I want to share links. The problem is that other peoples browsers and anti-virus programs don’t like the self signed certificate. I would like to redirect share links from HTTPS -> HTTP via nginx, so that the browsers and anti viruses wouldn’t complain. But AFAIK seafile doesn’t support HTTP and HTTPS at the same time; it is either HTTP or HTTPS, not a combination of both.

Is there a way to solve this issue? I would like to keep my self signed certificate, but still share files.

Use a lets encrypt cert with nginx for free :wink:

I wonder if it is possible to use 2 different certs in a seafile+nginx configuration. I don’t want to trust 3rd party certs, since I want to have full control over my server. AFAIK using 2 certs - one for personal use and the other one for sharing links is not possible atm in seafile?

I also suggest to use Lets Encrypt or Startssl both are free. You don’t loose control of your server because your secret key doesn’t leave your server at any time. You only send the certificate signing request to the CA and you get a signed public certificate back. That’s all.

Oh, it works that way. Clever. Always thought you gain new certificate from there. Nice to know.