IS “Office web app integration” activate on Seafile pro trial

IS “Office web app integration” activate on Seafile pro trial ?
“OFFICE_WEB_APP_BASE_URL” Does not redirect to my collabora online Docker

Yes, it is enabled.

What do you mean by “does not redirect to my collabora online docker”?

You can also try Collabora Online demo at our demo website at

Thanks for the reply Daniel.
We already use seafile std for our users.
I had the request to test seafile pro with collabora online.
Between 10 and 25 users on seafiel pro. For collaborative work.

I configure the new server seafile pro, everything seems to work well, ssl, docx preview, import file, create file …

When everything works, I install the docker of collabora online.
I can access the web page configuration docker, docker up and running.

After making the modifications in the file
When I open a file in seafile, the web page docker is not called.
I got the standard preview docx file in seafile.

I may explain it badly.


According to our document,, you need to add following options:

# Enable LibreOffice Online

# Url of LibreOffice Online's discovery page
# The discovery page tells Seafile how to interact with LibreOffice Online when view file online
# You should change `` to your actual LibreOffice Online server address

# Expiration of WOPI access token
# WOPI access token is a string used by Seafile to determine the file's
# identity and permissions when use LibreOffice Online view it online
# And for security reason, this token should expire after a set time period
WOPI_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXPIRATION = 30 * 60   # seconds

# List of file formats that you want to view through LibreOffice Online
# You can change this value according to your preferences
# And of course you should make sure your LibreOffice Online supports to preview
# the files with the specified extensions
OFFICE_WEB_APP_FILE_EXTENSION = ('ods', 'xls', 'xlsb', 'xlsm', 'xlsx','ppsx', 'ppt',
    'pptm', 'pptx', 'doc', 'docm', 'docx')

# Enable edit files through LibreOffice Online

# types of files should be editable through LibreOffice Online
OFFICE_WEB_APP_EDIT_FILE_EXTENSION = ('ods', 'xls', 'xlsb', 'xlsm', 'xlsx','ppsx', 'ppt',
    'pptm', 'pptx', 'doc', 'docm', 'docx')

Have you added these options?

Yes I followed the documentation.
That’s why I asked if it was active in the trial version.
Everything seems there.
Seafile last version
I installed seafile step by step or with the script, with the config “Integrate Seafile with Collabora Online” and I am always stuck at this place.

No error in logs

I know that seahub reads well the file, when I make a mistake in "OFFICE_WEB_APP_BASE_Ulr = … Example. Seahub tells me and the service does not start.

The documentation is simple.
But there is something missing in my config

Do you try with .docx file? .doc file can’t work with Collabora Online.

Can you paste your here?

I recall that the server may need a reboot to completely take effect. I mean the whole OS requires a reboot rather than the Seafile server.

A message that needs to be reminded here, Seafile uses cache to store the Office Web APP integration related settings, so don’t forget clear cache erverytime you change the settings.

In addition, you must use valid CA for both Seafile server and CollaboraOnline server.

Sorry for the delay
I have to re-install the server.
I will start fresh
I will copy the file as soon as possible.
Actually i deleted the cache and reboot the server several times.
For the certificate, we have a valid certificate *
There is no error in the logs …

Let me reinstall the server…

Hi Guillaume,
probably the office integration with onlyoffice is interesting for your? If yes, here is an installation video about seafile with onlyoffice (but only in german).

Best regards