Is Resync nessesary when server is rollbacked to older backup?


I am wondering how the client handles situation, when server is restored from some old backup. In a perfect world it would immedietly see that is has a branch that is newer than the one on server and just resumbit all the changes.

But has this been tested or is a resync nessasary.

Also is it possible to triger a resync from a server, without ANY action on the client? I am not aware of this possibility, but it would be useful also in case of fsck.

After restoring from backup, you have to run fsck to check integrity of the libraries. If some libraries are corrupted (most likely mismatch between database and file storage), you have to repair the libraries. After repair, all the clients linked to these libraries will be automatically unlinked. So the clients will be forced to resync.

Ok yes in case of inconsistancies and fsck there is a forced resync. But what if i restore from a fully offline taken backup(no fsck needed), maybe even a whole month old. What will happen to a client, will it handle this or is this dangerous?

In that case the data should always be consistent so no danger will happen.