Is Seafile client 7.x compatible with the unsupported Windows server software?

Before I install it… as not sure I have a copy of the old client to go back.

I have no practical experience with the Seafile Server for Windows. Nor do I have a Windows Server to test it. So I am wandering far out of my area of expertise.

What I know is this:

I’d say: Give it a try. If you encounter errrors, you can always switch back.

I have a favor to ask you: Please report your experience back to the forum. Your test results are relevant for all users of the Seafile for Windows.

Because of multiple Security issues you should think about switching to the Linux version, e. g. with Docker or in a VM.

I’m running Seafile Server 6.0.7 on Windows and Seafile Sync Client 7.0.1 on a separate Windows machine for the last day or so. No issues with sync and/or functionality that I’ve found.

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I don’t work with Linux I’m afraid - just a single guy here running own business and my server can’t cope with a Linux VM. Maybe when I win the lottery. Might be moot anyway as I’m probably going to switch to OneDrive as also need to upgrade email and you get OneDrive for “free” with the 365 license. Shame as I rather like Seafile.

Thanks for that report.