Issue with downloading files from history

I do have an issue with downloading files from history when the path is long.

In the first place I got an 414 from nginx and fixed it by setting increasing large_client_header_buffers. That at least let me navigate to more folders with a long path.

But while trying to download a file I now get a 502 bad gateway and my nginx log says: [error] 1222#0: *1550897 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading response header from upstream
(upstream is seafhttp).

Unfortunately I cannot find anything in the Seafile logs. Any hint what I could do?

How long is your path? Can you open a debug console in your browser to check the request that making the error?

It looks like it sends a referer. And the referer is very very very long. Seahub can handle it now as I changed the maximum header length in nginx but it looks like seafhttp cannot. One solution could be to not send the referer (not sure if it is possible but would think so).

I’ve send you the request header as personal message.

OK. I got the issue. We’ll find a way to solve it.

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