Issue with ssl certficate of


there seems to be an issue with the certificate chain of the new certificate
"This server’s certificate chain is incomplete. ", see


still failing, it started with the new certificate on April 14th,

edit: well actually, I have to correct myself, (where the downloads are located) is not affected, only


It is a minor issue as all major browsers contain the intermediate certificate.

Do you have a specific device it’s an issue for?


well lynx for example does not load the intermediate ones when not supplied, at least not my version.

I first noticed it though, as a weekly script failed, that monitors for changes on the download page, so I get notified to download (I use urlwatch for this). It seems the python request module also seems to have a problem with this.

And for that matter, during testing, I noticed also wegt and curl have problems with this.

But, of course, all of these can be configured to avoid ssl checks, however this should not get a habit …


They still should behave like a professional business where mistakes like this do not stay untouched for days. If things are done they should be done right and completely and not “soso”. :roll_eyes:


error no longer appears, it has been fixed as of may 3 2018