Issues on the Wiki (Pro 6.3)

A button back to the wiki page will be added in the next release.

In our design, the tree in wiki view only show the “pages” of a wiki instead of all files. In the edit view, you can add links of files to a wiki page, and the files can be downloaded via the links in the page.

This is because you are editing the underlying file of a wiki. Maybe we can hide the button of switching to view mode.

Thank you. The button should ask for saving before browsing back, shouldn’t it ?

I think it’as pity because most of wikis give access to files and seeing the files in a tree view is a +.

But without a button to add files (which existed in the previous wiki editor), you have to switch between different windows.

I don’t really understand, but switching to view mode is not really useful if you cannot do anything…
By the way, i did not find any string to translate in Transiflex about he new wiki. WIll you add it in the future ?

Hi Daniel,

Can you tell us the next release version (or the delay) in which you consider the wiki feature to be ready, according to the test and comments i made in this thread ?

I’m on 6.3.4 and there are still major problems (and regressions from 6.3.2 to 6.3.4 / rights and public wiki feature)


It will be added in the next release.

But without a button to add files (which existed in the previous wiki editor), you have to switch between different windows.

Attach files from other libraries will be added in a future version.

It will be added later.

We will release a new version within two weeks. Most of the issues will be addressed except the public wiki. Because we don’t have a corresponding public library concept, we need to think about how public wiki work, especially the permissions to avoid security problems.

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I understand that you switched from a Wiki permissions model to a library permissions model, which is accurate for logged in users (with permissions).

In my case, i’m not sure that public wiki really need to be based on a different permission model. Only registered users will edit them, in a wiki or library contex). To be simple, we only need a url that can give public access to the wiki. This could be achieved as the shared link for a library or a folder. The pubic link may display the wiki instead of the corresponding library, without the donwlad (Zip) button. Maybe you cloud put a sharing button on the right of the wiki icon (wiki list) and create a special url on which users could browse the wiki as if they were logged in and authorized. What do you think ?

It is difficult to add Wiki like feature to public links. We still need a separate public wiki feature.

yes. Keep it logical :neutral_face:

Is there any progress on fixing wiki problems?

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I’m quite interested by this progress


Could you please give us any feedback about the next release of pro version and wiki enhancements ?



Hi Gautier,

We are improving the wiki feature. But it will be included in version 7.0 as the code structure of 6.3 and 7.0 are quite different. We don’t want to duplicate the work.

Some obvious bugs will be fixed in 6.3.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the quick answer.

Is the roadmap (delay and enhancements) still accurate ?

Web UI improvement
File labels improvement
File comments improvement
Collaborative online markdown editing
Upgrade bundled ES server to 5.0
Realtime notifications for better collaboration (when a folder is updated, the browser will be refreshed automatically)
SeaDrive 1.0
Two new sharing permission: online read-write, online read. Files can't be accessed via clients.
More traffic statistics: user's web upload, web download, sync traffic will be recorded.


We have just uploaded version 6.3.7 to fix the Wiki page load problem.

The roadmap is still valid. Actually we are adding a lot of features related to online file editing and collaboration.


How about the migration issue in Wikis lost after Seafile upgrade ?

If you haven’t done already, please evaluate the inclusion of some useful remarkjs plugins like:

We have had some user requests for such features.

HI @daniel.pan,

I’m stilll looking for a way to publish Wiki pages / structure in a public mode.
Did you make any progress ont that ? Are you still looking forward on this feature request ?
More generally, what are your plans on wiki feature ?

There are still some editing issues that may be fixed and i wonder if the collaborative MD editing planned for next realease of seafile will have an impact on Wiki feature.



Don’t worry, we are very interested in the Wiki feature. Actually we are putting much resource to online documents and Wiki-like feature. The problem of public Wiki is that we need carefully design it, so that it fits into the system. Otherwise it will become an odd add-on.

I’d like to share some results we have now for version 7.0:

Online Markdown editor is much improved and very stable now:

In the future, we want the online document editing support font color and other feature that not available in Markdown format.

A draft review workflow for online documents:

You can create a draft for an online document, send a review request to others, others will see the diff and can leave comments. After the file is reviewed, the draft can be published to overwrite the original file:

Much improved and production ready label feature

The file label feature is much improved and can be really useful:

Wiki mode

Now every library has an associated Wiki mode, so you don’t need to explicitly create a Wiki for it. For the old Wiki module, I think it can be left for the purpose to create public Wiki, it can have extra features based on the Wiki mode, for example, you can design the navigation panel instead of showing the file tree. The Wiki mode is very stable now as we use it daily.

We plan to release a beta version of 7.0 in February.

Have a good holiday.


Very nice work!

Great to hear!

Hi @daniel.pan

Thank you for your work concerning the wiki enhancements. We’ll wait for the 7.0 version.

Happy new year for the seafile team !

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