Issues with some games and savegames


I’m facing some issues with some games and the save games. Some games for example Anno 2070 and Dead Space can’t create the save games folder (I remapped my documents folder to Seadrive). Anno doesn’t report anything about it and Dead Space simply crashes. What can I do to fix it?

Windows 10 version: 1809 (Build 17763.437)
Seafile Drive Client version: 1.0.3
Working with standard user rights. Admin has no config’ed Seadrive.

Here a DxDiag:
And here Systeminfo (German only):

(Try to set a manual sync interval. You can do this in the client with a right-click on the problematic library, choose the sync interval option and then type 180 or similar).
Sorry, didn’t saw you mention seadrive. Seems those games save in way the caching Algorithm of seadrive has problems with. You have to how their behavior differ from other games.

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Just to report my experience: I sync games without seadrive (I sync the folder like a normal library) and I faced a error just one time with some file deletion, maybe due to a too fast sync (but I was able to recover thanks to file history). Setting manual sync interval seems to be a good option in my case.

Hmm… okay. But how? I will check now first with Borderlands the Pre-Sequel if I can save with this game. Maybe I also should report this issue to the Seafile team, what do you think?

Edit: No issues with Borderlands.


Why do you need to save game folders to SeaDrive?

I remapped my documents folder to Seadrive and many games save their save games in this folder.

We will look into the problem if we have time. It is a low priority issue currently.

All right, thank you!

If found out, when I create the folder tree for Anno 2070 manually (S:\My Libraries\Dokumente\ANNO 2070\Accounts\Johnnii360\Savegames) Anno is creating save games. But it looks like Seadrive has a problem to create such a deep folder tree.

Edit: Funny. Was able to play the 1. Kampagne, 1. Chapter, 1. Mission and was able to create savegames. After mission completion of 1. mission wanted to play 2. mission but can’t because Anno told me: “File not found” - but not what file…

Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your game saves. I’m not too familiar with Seadrive, but have you tried remapping the documents folder back to its original location to see if that solves the issue? Also, have you checked to see if the games are compatible with Windows 10 version 1809? On a separate note, I came across an article recently that talked about some games that pay real money. It was pretty interesting and I decided to give a few of them a try. I didn’t make a ton of cash, but it was still pretty cool to earn a little something while playing games.

You should upgrade to 2.0.x version. 1.x version may have incompatibility with some software.